Current conditions of purchase for


The following standard conditions of sale for consumer purchases of items on the website apply to this transaction. Consumer purchases made over the Internet are primarily controlled by the Contract Act, the Consumer Purchase Act, the Marketing Act, the Business Act, and the E-commerce Act, all of which provide significant rights to consumers. The legislation is available at “”. The terms of this Agreement shall not be regarded as a limitation of statutory rights, but rather as a description of the parties’ primary rights and obligations.

1. The agreement.

These terms, the information contained in the order solution, and any other terms specifically agreed upon make up the agreement. If there is a discrepancy between the information, the information that the parties specifically agreed to shall take precedence unless it is in violation of statutory legislation.

The agreement is bolstered by relevant legislative requirements controlling the acquisition of goods by dealers and consumers.

2. The parts

The seller is:


Company Address: “International House, The Mclaren Building, 46, The Priory Queensway, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B4 7LR”

Registered Address: “International House, The Mclaren Building, 46, The Priory Queensway, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B4 7LR”

Email: “[email protected]
Phone: “+447700146242”

Company Name: “CARDSLY LTD, Company registration number – 13811579”

and hereinafter referred to as the seller/reseller.

The buyer is the person who places the order, and he or she will be referred to as the buyer in the following paragraphs.

3. Prices

The total price to be paid by the buyer is the price indicated for the goods and services on the page. All fees and other costs are included in this price. Additional costs that the seller failed to disclose prior to the purchase are not the responsibility of the buyer.
Prices are given in USD, GBP, CAD, BGN, SGD, RSD, BRL, COP, AZN, and also other currencies mentioned on the “” website.

4. Conclusion of the agreement

Once the customer has sent their order to the vendor, the agreement is binding on both parties.

The agreement is not binding, however, if there is a typo in the seller’s offer, the order solution in the online store, or the buyer’s order, and the other party was aware of or should have been aware of the problem.

5. Payment

The buyer is required to complete the payment for the goods upon dispatch. Payment can be executed through the Checkout (cart) on the Service’s payment website, via credit card, debit card, or any other method determined by “CARDSLY LTD” at its sole discretion. “CARDSLY LTD” reserves the right to accept or reject any form of payment.

6. Delivery

When the buyer or his representative has taken possession of the item, it is said to be delivered (serial code for the game or software).
All of our items are provided electronically in the form of a product key. The majority of product keys are provided automatically and are available for pickup right after purchase. Items will be delivered to your email address, which you have mentioned while making an order.

Please contact us if you have not received the product key after two hours.

7. Cancellation of orders

The right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the supply of digital content that is not supplied on a physical medium if the delivery has begun with the customer’s express permission and the consumer accepts that the right of withdrawal has been lost as a result. (See “”) of the withdrawal right
“”, on the other hand, strives to provide a better customer experience and thus offers a 14-day refund period under section 34 of the right of withdrawal. This necessitates not redeeming the product code.

8. Buyer rights and the deadline for reporting claims in the event of a delay or failure to deliver

If the seller fails to deliver the goods or does so late under the terms of the agreement, and this is not due to the buyer or his or her circumstances, the buyer may withhold the purchase price, claim fulfillment, cancel the agreement, and/or seek relief under Chapter 5 of the Consumer Purchase Act. Make a claim against the seller for compensation. The evidence in the case of a breach of power must be in writing (eg e-mail).

If the seller fails to deliver the product (product key) at the time of delivery, the buyer must insist on the seller delivering the product within a reasonable extension of time. The buyer has the option to cancel the purchase if the seller fails to deliver the goods within the additional time.

If the seller refuses to deliver the item, the buyer can immediately cancel the order. The same is true if meeting the agreed-upon deadline was critical to the agreement’s conclusion, or if the buyer has informed the seller that the deadline is critical.
If the item (product key) is supplied after the consumer has established an additional deadline or after the delivery date that was critical to the agreement’s conclusion, cancellation claims must be filed within a reasonable period after the buyer has been notified of the delivery.

The buyer may be entitled to compensation for a specific loss caused by the delay. This does not apply, however, if the seller can show that the delay is due to an event beyond the seller’s control that could not reasonably have been anticipated, avoided, or overcome at the time of the agreement.

9. The lack of the item – the buyer’s rights and the time limit for the complaint

If the item has a flaw, the buyer must notify the seller that he or she will invoke the problem within a reasonable period after discovering or should have discovered it.
If the item has a defect that is not due to the buyer or his or her circumstances, the buyer has the right to withhold the purchase price, choose between correction and delivery, demand a price reduction, cancel the agreement, and/or demand compensation from the seller under the Consumer Purchase Act, Chapter 6.

Written complaints to the seller are required.

Correction or re-delivery

The customer might request either the correction of shortfalls or the delivery of similar items. The seller, on the other hand, may object to the buyer’s claim if the claim’s execution is difficult or if the seller’s costs are unjustified. Within a fair amount of time, the correction or delivery must be completed. In theory, the seller is not allowed to make more than two attempts to correct the same fault.


If the item is not fixed or dispatched, the customer may be entitled to a price reduction. This indicates that the proportion of the reduced price to the agreed price corresponds to the proportion of the value of the defective item to the value of the item in contractual condition. If there are specific reasons for this, the price drop can be adjusted to reflect the buyer’s lack of relevance.

When a flaw is not minor and the item is not rectified or redelivered, the buyer has the option to cancel the purchase.

10. Rights of the seller in the event of a buyer default.

If the buyer fails to pay or fulfill other obligations under the agreement or law for reasons other than the seller’s circumstances, the seller may withhold the goods, demand the performance of the agreement, demand the cancellation of the agreement, and demand compensation from the buyer in accordance with the Consumer Purchase Act’s rules. The seller may additionally seek interest on late payments, collection fees, and a reasonable fee for uncollected items, depending on the circumstances.


The seller has the option of keeping the purchase and requiring the customer to pay the purchase price. If the item (product key) is not delivered, the seller loses his right to pursue the claim if he takes an unreasonable amount of time.


If the buyer commits a major default or another material breach, the seller has the right to terminate the contract. The seller, on the other hand, cannot back out if the entire purchase price has been paid. If the buyer fails to pay within a reasonable extra date given by the seller, the seller may terminate the purchase.

Late payment interest / collection cost.

Under the Delay Interest Act, if the buyer fails to pay the purchase price in line with the agreement, the seller may demand interest on the purchase price. In the event of non-payment, the claim can be addressed to the buyer, who will be held liable for fees under the Debt Collection Act after receiving a prior warning.

11. Warranty

The seller’s or manufacturer’s warranty grants the buyer rights that are in addition to those that the buyer already enjoys under the required law. As a result, the purchaser’s right to appeal and claim in the event of delays or deficiencies under paragraphs 9 and 10 is unaffected by the warranty.

12. Personal information

The vendor is in charge of processing the collected personal data. Unless the Buyer decides differently, the Seller may only collect and store personal information that is essential for the Seller to fulfill the Agreement’s duties, as defined by the Personal Data Act. Personal information about the buyer will only be shared with others if it is essential for the seller to carry out the agreement with the buyer or if it is required by law.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we must have enough information about you as a customer. Without your permission, we will not sell, trade, or otherwise disseminate information about you as a client to a third party.

When storing information, all pages are an examination of what information about our clients is held with us, we feel there is no sensitive or important data stored with us that may be misused.

We can assure you that our internal routines do not allow outside to receive sensitive or critical information.

Our payment solutions do not save any sensitive or crucial information.

Without your permission, we will not sell, trade, or otherwise disseminate information about you as a client to a third party.
When storing information, all pages are encrypted.

13. Storage of personal information.

The Accounting Act mandates that we keep transaction data for a period of five years. We keep purchase history for ten years to protect customers’ rights in connection with guarantees and complaints under the Consumer Purchases Act, the Purchases Act, and our sales conditions.

14. Security of personal information

We have strong processes and comprehensive safeguards in place at “” to ensure that unauthorized parties do not obtain access to your personal information and that data processing is done in line with current legislation. Risk assessments, organizational and physical measures, access management and archiving procedures, as well as routines for handling data and following up on requests for access, correction, and deletion, are examples of such measures.

You can be assured that we store your personal information in a secure manner.

15. Governing law.

The laws of England shall solely govern the interpretation, implementation, and effect of all of the above permissions, exclusions, licenses, and conditions of use, and shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of England, and the parties confirm the exclusive authority of the English courts.

16. Change or deletion of personal information.

Please contact us at “[email protected]”.

17. Conflict resolution.

Sections 9 and 10 state that complaints must be addressed to the seller within a reasonable period. The parties make every effort to settle any disagreements amicably.